21 April 2017

Aurora birthday

Celia's master's*

Call with mom


Make friends with the new gals


Trev call!!!

Tracy* call then dinner

Thursday = Friday

Organize paper life in the p.m.

Actual Friday = Get rid of clothes, recycling, go for 2.4K run, get Tia and her cousin for sleepover, talk to and actually have good conversation with asshole brother for 40 minutes, have 2 hour conversation with grade 5 BFF Amanda, get invited to coffee by three other friends for next day - Crystal a.m., Brit p.m., Mireille p.m. bonfire with wine.

*Three besties in one day - my whole bridal party minus my daughters. Friends everywhere. Organization everywhere. Productivity everywhere. And post-run feel-goods lingering over the whole of it all.

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