26 April 2010

Tidal waves

In the tidal wave of this move, there are boxes and messes and piles colliding into each other everywhere! I keep rewriting lists in my mind, trying to organize, prioritize, and mainly keep the girls on board with their help without overwhelming them. But it isn't working. I have empty boxes, packed boxes, and well over half a houseful of unpacked things strewn about, taking up space we didn't have in the first place. And, with the open house coming up on Saturday and all the packing in suspended motion (because I usually just freeze up when I'm overwhelmed), I've realized JUST how much crap accumulates in ten years.

And in the meantime, there are still full-time jobs to maintain and I just got a cold. I was in a daze enough with this move, detaching from things, head not in the game as it was, and then BAM! Here comes Loopy Ville. As IF we women didn't have ENOUGH to think about with their daily lives! Now some... sinus THING, monster, some germy phantom takes over my body and renders my brain useless as the mucous jam packs its way into my brain via my nose and tiny, supernatural snot dams per each Tylenol Sinus/Cold dosage. Maybe I'm getting allergies. I've never had allergies before, but this is the second time in a month I've gotten sick in just this way. And it would just figure. It would just figure that I'd find out I do have allergies after successfully ignoring my body for 30 years. Bah!

I don't have my head in the game. I am finding it particularly difficult to connect to the things I usually find comfort, solace, peace, or joy in because I am detaching from here mentally, I know it. I must be. My head is already gone. It's in Estevan. I mean, perish the thought for all the beautiful people we've known here--and I don't particularly enjoy this lifting out of myself--but I cannot, for the life of me, put myself back into my old shoes. And now that I'm fighting this snot-brain and whatever is draining into the back of my throat, my mind is spinning even more than it usually is. It really does feel out-of-body. There is just so much to do. At least I'm not panicking anymore.

The good news is that we have moving buddies. Turns out one of Kyle's friends, also a junior high teacher here, is moving on up as well. He got the high school industrial arts position at the same school about two weeks after Kyle got his position. His wife and I are good friends and I'm so excited to know someone automatically when getting there--it really is some kind of miracle. It's kind of like having an automatic fortress moving into a new place: no matter what kind of friends we make apart from each other, there will at least our friendship to go wading out into the waters with. And this will also be the perfect excuse to hang out more. Not that we needed an excuse, but that our schedules will come to a screeching halt--or at least come smashing into each other's! The best part is that we both like to blog, harness our inner band geeks, and share richly drenched life experiences.

Here's to new chapters in life and putting on the mask until we get there!