17 February 2009

Geminian postables

Gehhhhht up.

Get up.

Get up, get up, get up. Go. Now. Get up and go to the gym. Get up and go now.

Gehhhhht up, gettin' up. *even tone*

--But I don't WAN-NA

Get up. You can feel your belly resting on its own self, can't you?

--Yeahhhh. But I don't wahhhh-na.

I know. So get up. You know you feel better when you've been going.

--Yeahhh, but it's harrrd. I don't have the time. I don't wannnnna.

Make the time. You've been working evenings. You have time in the mornings. You knowwwww you feel better in the mornings and your overall day.

--Yeahhh. True. I do. But that means giving up sleeping in.

Well that's a tough one. We DO like to sleep in.





--Well maybe we could just this once. But then what about when my work schedule changes? 'Cause you KNOW we hate change. Hate reaccomodating.

Yeah. It's too bad, hey? I used to think I adapted easier.

--Yeah, me, too.

But look at the overall picture. Wouldn't you rather lead by example? Show your daughters how to take care of themselves?


And you have a pass already. You found Kyle's pass today, so you know the number to sign in at the gym.


--Okay fine.

*Gemini post #1

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