19 February 2011


I just spend the last two hours or so working on a blog entry that I thought would be of some interest, but thanks to the faulty power cord of this computer and the power cord to my computer completely fried (along with my battery,) I lost it all! I am especially angry that I had, yes, been saving my work as I went along, knowing full well that the laptop could be powered off instantly with just the slightest wrong movement, the touchy bitch, been powered off twice when I went to shift my legs a few times while writing, restored my session with Firefox, HAD my work saved and appear when I restarted, only to find the last and final time, everything had disappeared.

Worse yet is when I went to navigate away from the page trying to be smart and checking to see if the older, fuller draft was still saved as I left it, I accidentally used the Save shortcut trying to paste the text I did have on the page in front of me to a notebook document, instead of the Copy shortcut (Control + S versus Control + C), which automatically saved the draft in front of me, rather than have any hope that the old draft was still there. No go, fool. Epic fail.

So, instead of that post, you get this one. I just wanted something big, and impressive, insightful and thought-provoking, but no, you get my blunder, all of which I might have been able to avoid. Argh! See ya 'round, punks!

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