04 February 2012

Prejudist assholes need not apply

I wish I had an audience. I wish I had bigger than an audience. I wish I had the ears of the world listening to this one moment. I wish my blog was well-read. I wish I had a voice louder than this one. Because for this one entry, this tiny, fractional percent of the total, non-cohesive, and wide span of topics to have ever crossed my thoughts or my underdog-rooting convictions or even my plain, ole whiny rants, I do believe this tops them all. If not, it comes awfully damn close.

In all of the roads of my life, no matter where I've stopped, no matter who I've known, no matter how I've cried or how I've laughed, nothing has ever got my panties into a bunch as much as blind, flagrant injustice. I would take what little education I have and magically force it into the minds' eyes of the ignorant. It is the number one source of aggravation in my world and in a world created to be and meant to be governed by the One Creator of True Love...

...because it doesn't even require being super intelligent.

It requires having a heart.

Did you hear that, you racist bastards? Yeah, I'm probably talking to you. 'Probably' talking to you because of all the people to read this little hole-in-the-wall blog, the racist audience is probably non-existent; and 'probably' because I don't know any racists personally. Somehow, miraculously, I've been given a life that has only seen that blindass hatred from afar.

A mother-loving, humble-seeking, quiet-bleeding heart.

Yeah, sure. I know a lot of people who kind of think I'm silly for getting so worked up over a cause that really has "nothing to do with [me],"---and it doesn't even make sense to be proverbially flailing my arms when the underlined focus is ultimately peace---but it does have to do with me. It has to do with all of us. And sometimes, you just gotta create the illusion of fighting fire with fire by holding up a mirror.

Native and aboriginal peoples don't need me to speak for them. They are strong and resilient in a way that surpasses the least or the best of anything I could say. I don't even know how the least of my native friends would feel about the least of my words or intentions. But I do know this: I passed many days between here and the first days of my adult life witnessing various forms of racial commentary, jokes, and even pejorative remarks specifically in regard to native people. Which have, only up until this week, been allowed to pass before me unchecked.

I also know that for as white as I am, there is also a line of blood---however "diluted," however masked by the rest of my muttage---that is directly descended from Mexico, a country that, however you divide the politics, scandals, immigration bullshit, and the cartels, derives its culture straight from Aztec ancestry and mythology. A native people.

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