14 March 2015

Three Blessings Challenge, Day 2

I'm still doing this. I'm still doing this. I'm STILL. Doing this.

Three Blessings Challenge - 3 Things That Went Well Today and Why

1.) I got to sleep in

2.) I got to see my friend Crystal

3.) I got to get groceries alone


1.) I've been running long and strong and hard all week and sleeping in is such a rare circumstance in my life. Besides that, it was guilt-free sleeping in. After far too many years, I'm finally really good about getting up in the morning. Making good time, starting the day, which wasn't like before. Before, I used to feel a lot of sadness about not getting enough sleep. It made me feel like I was constantly running against myself and would only get up because guilt of duty prompted me out of bed. It induced a lot of hardship and I hadn't known how to change it. I don't know what's changed exactly, but I'm so happy to know that it has. I'm much happier now, much more satisfied with.... what... I don't know, but it's so very nice to know that when I have the rare chance to sleep in, I can; AND that I just don't have to do it that much anymore. Maybe it's because I'm in an environment where that's supported and my better half gets it, maybe it's just because I'm getting older and those changes that come with age compel me to get up earlier regularly, maybe I'm just a heck of a lot happier and that just affects everything. But sleeping in is still a reward that doesn't have to happen anywhere near as much anymore and I really enjoy it when I get the chance.

    *plus, I got to camp out with Trevor on the couch, who's been recovering from his tonsillectomy for two weeks!

2.) I really didn't think she had to work today and was surprised when I texted her to see if our girls could get together to learn that I wouldn't get to see her, but she's just someone who makes you happy to hang out with her; and so I went to see her at work. We used to work together, but I've since changed jobs and got to visit her in the temporary trailer where they've got all the personnel housed until the rest of the new building is constructed and the two departments are merged.

3.) I really hate grocery shopping. Or at least I used to. It is the ultimate drag chore. I don't remember how I ever survived it in my married life, and I sure the hell hated doing it with the narcissistic ex, but I have hated the whole haggling of it. Trying to figure out what groceries really cost, as you stand there in the middle of the aisle, trying to subdivide in your head and figure out the cost per unit, the weight or volume per unit, while comparing and contrasting, for every single item you place in your cart, shrewdly calculating if that thing on sale is really on sale or if getting the generic brand will do. And let's not even get started on the Air Miles thing! Sure they put the Air Miles item on sale, but it's still expensive and you have to buy multiples. UGH. Up until now, I have hated every aspect of it. The math, the standing around, the aisle-blocking, the navigating other cart drivers, the suspense of whether the cashier can bag the items properly, the gut-punch of the total, the toting it out all out to your car, and finally getting it in your house PLUS putting them all away.

But I have since learned that, for some crazy reason, Trevor views going together as quality time and has assured me that he likes it when I'm there and we talk about grocery stuff together. I have a hard time seeing that way, but try not to grumble my way through the process so that we can have some semblance of enjoying it. But it takes a long time to do it that way; and I'm really good at going straight in, getting exactly what's on the list, and marching out. So doing it the chatty, aisle-meandering, quality time way is good and been good for me, but it takes a long time. And so today, not only did we actually go through the flyers before I ventured out and comprise a list of essentials, but I got to bee line for each item in the store and get out. Yes, there was haggling, which used to make me feel so stupid because I would never calculate properly, but I got out; and I think this job I have and the relationship I'm in have helped me exercise my brain. Both require me to think. A LOT. And this is a good thing. If you've read any of my previous entries, especially on the car accident I was in, you'd understand. It doesn't hurt to think anymore. Both job and boyfriend have been just exactly the loving and challenging boot camp I've needed for my brain. And going grocery shopping alone was therapeutic and cathartic.

Why It Happened  

1.) Getting to sleep in happened because I didn't have anything to be up for, no obligations, no kids to pick up, and all my house cleaning had gotten done yesterday. Because Trevor loves me and wanted me to be close. Because of a lot of good things.

2.) I got to see Crystal because I know where she works, because I have a car that had gas in it, because I know how to drive.

3.) Grocery shopping happened because we are able to sustain ourselves, because even though we're not quite in over our heads in debt, we're able to decide on those things as a team. Because Trevor has higher standards than I do about what we eat and is able to provide for us in that way. Because we are blessed. Because God provides for all of his children, the least and the neediest, and we are certainly not that and he still provides us in the middle ground. Amen!

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