08 April 2015

Three Blessings Challenge, Day 3

I don't know why this is difficult today. I can't think of anything off the top of my head. And it really bothers me. Am I really that negative? That I can't think of anything?

Three Blessings Challenge - 3 Things That Went Well Today and Why
1.) Today I didn't have to do my squats, although I'm really proud of myself for keeping at the routine.
2.) I got to have the late lunch.

3.) Trevor made supper.


1.) Because it was the rest-day of the squat sets.
2.) Because it's quiet, I get to work in peace for an hour, and then I get my lunch hour to myself.
3.) Because he had pulled chicken out of the freezer last night and then wanted BBQ chicken tonight and started the BBQ when he got home, which is before the time I get home.

Why It Happened

1.) Because I went along with the prescribed layout as per the challenge

2.) Because that's the way the schedule was written.

3.) Because he can, and I love him.

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