15 December 2008

New Job, coffee row

So I had to laugh today. Well I've had to laugh several days in a row. I started a new job last week waitressing at a local family restaurant.

I`ve never waitressed before.

Nothing has stood out so far in marked absurdities and I feel pretty confident in how I`ve adjusted to the new line of work (I love working with people, I`m a hard worker, and I learn fast), but so many characters have come through and I have undoubtedly been graced with a selection that could very well be labeled the "tip of the iceberg." I.e. mild.

But they`re just so funny. Some of them. And so many gums flapping! Not a surprise, just funny. Just when you think you`ve gotten it all in your head that news flies fast, your boss relays a new one over a batch of silverware and napkins that she`s rolling the silverware in. And then laughs herself because she was told on firm authority, this *authority* actually being an invested hopeful on the other side of the spectrum, and we just laugh together. Hard. For real. Are they for real?

* * *

I am still needing to be pinched. One part `cause it`s going so well. Two parts `cause there is still an element of limbo going on but I get along with all these people like we`ve known each other all along. I guess I`m waiting for the ball to drop. Either my own or someone else`s and they`ll lose it. I love this tip thing. But now comes the change and challenge of not blowing that cold, hard cash that you can put in your fists at the end of the day. The adjustment is weird. Just weird.

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