09 December 2008

So this WAS going to be, originally intended to be, tried so hard (too hard) to be solely and expressly for writing my life stories. Mainstreamed, main-lined, side-lined, side-tracked, on track, whatever. An outlet, a gauntlet, a portal, a means to put it altogether, look at it, retrieve all the lessons I could out of re-reflecting, as many times as I wanted, all in hopes that it would be read by SOMEONE, anyone that could make any use of it whatsoever.

But I give up.

To some degree. I still want to get that out. Maybe I will. But for the powers that be and for anyone who would notice, I haven't logged onto here for quite a while. The last time I did, I just piddled around with my settings; and why? Who knows. Most likely it would be that I had signed up for this blog site just to have a place to blog, even though I had already blogged on MySpace, and intended to justify the proliferation of registered blog-able accounts by means of this site, specifically set aside for all the life-writing I wanted to get out.

But now, I'm just hoping to work on writing in general. I figure I can work on my art in this little studio, somewhat privately and uninterupted, and perfect it. Perfect the timing, the humor (which I seriously hope to develop far more of), get my thoughts out without criticism, having only myself to work against and the works of others as inspiration.

That being said and finally not worried about justification any more, I sign off the first of hopefully many more entries to come.

(Gah, I'm so lame.)

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