31 December 2008

uh--mm. Happy New Year!

Okay, so it's not quite New Year's here in the central time zone, but by the time I finish this post, it will be.

Happy New Year!! A time for resolution, reflection, hopefully new promise (or at least renewed promise) and a whole new refresh.

Of course, this is only so far as the pop culture has counted it--a new beginning, so-to-speak--because our Julian calendar flips forward one more number and the way in which we count and measure life starts over at 1. We don't have to get too contemplative about history and the debate over having learned from the past or not as humanity has shown its repetitive errors over centuries of sin and abuse, but we also know that there is relief and hope (hope being the essential key word) in flipping the page, recounting at 1, and starting over. Even if it is only by human measure.

I am also a little bit buzzed and if it seems like my little account, my little New Year's eve ramble, is a little windbaggish and over-exherted, well it probably is. I've had about ten glasses of wine and enough nachos to feed a small family in a third world country. I stand by what I've said, though, and tend to find the inhibitions with which I usually approach writing are pleasantly thrown out the window with a little bit of wine (or BEER!)

Happy New Year!

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