01 February 2009

Back to the G.I. Joes, an addition to Jan 31 entry

I say I was a tomboy by force. No one ever put a Lego gun to my head and told me to be, but being the only girl with two brothers, it only stood to reason that if I wanted to have someone to play with, I would have to play on their terms, with their rules, and their games. But I was still a girly-girl. Just ask my dad.

Did I mention they were younger? This had no bargaining value, no leverage. Whatsoever.

Usually Erik made the rules and Michael and I followed, but even before Michael was old enough to hang outside with us unattended, Erik was doing his own thing. This was not always the case, I admit, because there were many time I didn't want to get dirty or be bothered or play with Tonka trucks or Tinker Toys; OR because he was taking direction from his older sister. However, I do recall playing with G.I. Joes, Guns, hide and seek, MacGuyver, Hunter, and various other action-packed adventures because he refused to play Barbies, My Little Ponies, dress-up, and for the most part, House.

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