06 February 2009

I've been wanting to post something here to soften the blow of my religious-ey explosion, to act as a buffer between what you see when my page first pops up and the rest of my blog, but there are just TOO many things I could pick from and I can't even decide if I'm going to wear jeans today.

I read a blog I follow called "Sarah Says" and maybe it was because I was so tired yesterday by the time I read it or because I had had the giggles earlier in the day (and at work, no less!), but I laughed hard. She talks about lemons being hurled at her to desribe her experience with trying to find a job in her field and refers to a past entry in her rant that further explores the lemon metaphor. It's the writing style. It's the way she delivers what she has to say, her feelings about it, and the imagery comparison (analogies) all involving some sort of stoning that makes me howl out loud (hol, instead lol now?)

Of course, I've always been an imagery kind of girl. I always laugh MORE at people's reactions or the reference to a visual (sometimes unpleasant) than I do the actual joke content. Unless, of course, the joke content has a punchline that involves reaction from within the joke. Long way to go for a laugh, I know.

This has also made me appear "slow" in getting jokes. I realized this working at the crusher where the safety guy would read a joke at the end of the safety meeting (always paycheck Thursdays!) and there would be a 1.3 second delay from the other guys' laughing to mine. I've always known that I laugh more at the way a person responds to a joke than the joke itself, but being able to perceive that I laugh (and I bust out--like a BWA HA!) about a second or two behind everyone else has made me realize that I am just about a second or two behind everyone else.

And yes, sometimes it takes me a second to get a joke. If it reaches too far to get a punchline and I have to logically or numerically walk from the tag to the punch (BOH-REENG!), then I'll just look at you with a 'huh?-you-think-that-was-funny' look or I'll just laugh politely. And then I'll laugh because you'll look at me like I'm stupid--and THAT is funny. The facial expression.

But this is just how I am. Hard-wired to respond this way to jokes and I am absolutely, positively, undoubtedly sure I get this from my aunties. Well, ok, and my mom, too. Duh. But it makes my world that much richer because not many people I know react that way and so it makes the chance of mass production for my kind of laugh far lower and I'm left laughing alone or at least with you for completely different reasons. And you'll still think I'm laughing about the joke...

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