08 February 2009

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bagging each other's nuts

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If the 2.5 of you who read these blogs have ever noticed, I usually enter a category for most of my entries. Please note this one.

Upon completion of my last entry just minutes ago, I was comparing verbal notes of interest with my husband, when he lept into a diatribe of the stupid things kids do at school. It had become a point of staffroom discussion, of which I have been howling this entire entry.

Apparently, some of the junior high boys have taken to punching each other in the "lower extremities" for sport. Kyle has witnessed this in the halls and shared the concern, albeit unsympathetically, with his colleagues.


They DO this for FUN?

I guess they just haul off and go for the gold, laughing like maniacs in the process. Sometimes as hard as they can--punching, that is. I've seen pre-teen boys do stupid stuff, but this takes the cake. At the same time I was shocked and abhorred, I was wildly amused.

So, does this mean that not only is this younger generation lazy and apathetic, but they are taking themselves out, too? Right on! Darwin right at work. Confusious say "man who break ball..."

Are these the pubescent nightmares that will (I hope?) grow up to be leaders and gainfully employed in a world that my poor, unsuspecting daughters will also have to be a part of? At least my daughters will have the grace, the fortitude, and the sense of self to snort at them and walk away.

What in Sam hell does this mean? Are these dumbass boys going to be in the world I live in? What if they survive long enough TO be a part of the real world? What if I survive long enough to see them? Yikes.

The sheer irony of my last entry and this news in its momentary turn is far from lost on me.

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