11 March 2009

ye olde dukes of hazarde

I have really great friends. I mean, really, really great and kind people around me and sometimes even watching out for me, even when I've gone out and lost my dawg gone mind.

You know who you are--CS, JR, EK, KW (meow), ME, just to name a few--all of whom have been in my life at various points along the way, who share the same heartaches, but who listen to ME pour my ever-lovin' whine into their ears with LOVE as opposed to "oh well"-ness.

This is to you. This goes out to you. The people who are what my "strong" is--the unwitting team of human beings that unknowingly work together to make me feel a little less at odds with myself, a little more human, a little more... sane.

Thank you.

A measly, pathetic term, truly, to describe the absolute, sheer, amazing, unending gratitude I feel for the times they've helped me feel even a shred less of the insane person I SWEAR I am. Not only am I in my own head a little too much, but I'm not exactly surrounded by what you would call like minds or those who understand (save for two, whose initials are both KW); and so it goes to you, it goes without saying, it goes with saying words that are inadequate, my friends, who I love and who listen and who I hope feel listened to, too, across the miles, in a wide span of the map--I thank you.

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