17 March 2009

Spring things

Nothing like a quick, short trip away to snap whiny whines RIGHT into perspective. That's obviously what I needed because now I barely remember what I was whining about. Ermm, bitching about, I mean.

My oldest girl did awesome in her dictation competition. She was one of a mere 5 other girls to be competing, and at least two of them speak French at home. Even without considering that much, it was awesome to see that she was, indeed, participating among peers in French! She did great and even though she didn't place and the judges said the scores were close, she walked away with poise, grace, confidence and most of all the support and love of her parents and the experience of it all. Then we let her pick out any place she wanted to go. Dairy Queen for Blizzards.

This was not to forget my little one, who came with me to the mall to go shopping for a first communion dress. It's not all white, in the tradition of communion dresses, but it's cute and she was totally smitten with it, which is all the world when shopping with this cutesty-angsty, super-picky, expensive-taste little 8-year old. This paired with a shrug-type little white cardigan from The Gap make it a clean, crisp, super-tailored look just right for spring, and in my opinion, perfect for first communion, if for no other reason because she is comfortable in it. These shoes, for the little one and this dress for the older one, too, both from Children's Place. My oldest picked these out to go with her dress. I got this and this for me. Vocal arrangement, of course, because I read the composer notes and was very excited about the idea of NOT having the melody predominantly throughout the piano part, so that I can eventually accompany myself singing, and so Kat and I can sing "What Is This Feeling?" Yay!! And synth, of course, so I can finally have my own portable keyboard instrument for ensembles, quick work, and hopefully soon... gigs.

All in all, a good trip.

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