05 March 2012


So I interviewed for a receptionist position with the Ford dealership here. What can I say, I would love to get a job like that. I don't know where it will lead me, or how in the world's half iota it brings me in the direction of music OR any trade (maybe automotive mechanics by a long shot,) but... really I care only secondarily about that momentarily. It's my first frickin' job in two years.

And it will work beautifully with my schedule as an accompanist at one of the local high schools I'm playing at here. Mornings at the high school, afternoons at the dealership. With a shot of luck, I could start putting away money, if for nothing else to start slamming back debts and the whole being behind on just about phucking near everything.

It would be lovely to start doing that, anyway, as I know that playing catch-up in this economy, yes, even Saskatchewanian economy (maybe it's just cost of living smacking us harder than anticipated,) will be a slow and possibly painful process. I am okay with slow. Slow is better than dead stop. Just like when you're in rush hour traffic? Ya know? Because every fractional turn of the tire is another inch under your wheels.

At any rate, the job sounds cool. I'd get to be the girl who you see at the desk, taking calls, writing down messages, operating fax machines and pumping data into the computer; but of course I would be soooooo smooth, doing it all with a flick of my wrist and a bubblegum smack-chomp, layers of mascara and hootchy mama shirts.

Or maybe just tackling the guy walking down the hall because he's some random criminal coming to steal my purse and turkey sandwich from the break room.

Okay, okay. Yeah. The hell. Rii-i-iight. It's still a lot better than this:

Which I used to do. Except with tacos.

Seriously, what's in this job for me is respect. Self-respect, respect of what I'd be trying to accomplish, respect from coworkers, ideally. It's a pitch fork of hay in the barn. It's the first step on a path that contains goals. It's getting to do something new. Meet new people. Meet more people. Get exposure to the automotive side of my interests. Office job. Bringing in some flippin' cheddar, yo.

And the interview went well. I don't feel like I nailed it, but I don't feel like I royally screwed it up, either. I got a real sense of what I would be doing, where it could go, and that I would not be left out to dry. I perceived a real sense of teamwork gets done around there, that I won't have time to be bored. I answered their questions honestly and to the best of my ability. What I did not do was just say what I thought was the right thing. A new thing in my books at least. The one lady asked me if the phone number on my resume was the one I could be reached at. I said yes. The two interviewers shook my hand. I handed them my references and they thanked me for coming in. I'll hear from them within the week or so. 

I truly hope so.

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