29 July 2014

Day 2 Positivity Challenge

1) Looting through hords of history and digging through the ole memory bank to scrounge up old passwords and old emails (because one leads to another, of course, in the search of old files which connect to each other; and the green grass grew all around, all around...) in order to find photos for a 5-photo composite for the Beautiful challenge and, in the process, finding old, old forgotten photos. The brilliant plus? Being able to get into Photobucket, an account I thought I'd lost, and find photos I was thrilled to find. (And some not.)

2) Being trusted, despite all the superficial jokes, at my place of employment to get my job done, to be the one people can rely on.

Okay, only two. Posting late. And number 2 completely flopped in my face today. Fail.

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