27 July 2014

Positivity Challenges

So I got nominated for the 3-day, 3-statement trend of sorts on Facebook today, but I'm going to keep going with trying ten a day on here because there really are more than three every day!

1) Trevor is learning Spanish as I type! He has his head phones on and is going through the introduction courses outlined on StudySpanish.com, repeating the vocal examples and trying to see if I understand. ¡Que maravilloso!

2) Waking up to cuddles with a certain adorable little 8-year-old who, for some reason, loves me!

3) Little games and big acts of love by same said 8-year-old who, on her own accord, "cleaned" the entire tub as well as the bathroom sink, and picked up her dad's clothes off the floor! I don't know what she cleaned them with, but man, does she make my heart smile!

4) Looking at my ring today. One full karat. For me. Brand new. For the rest of my life. For the REST of my life! No more having to play games, shop around, haggle, cry over hords of distressed dissatisfaction ever again! Just one person, the same person, the consistency and the awe of this perfectly imperfect man. Sign of hope and beacon of all the good one person can have in their life, for the wretched soul who never believed they'd get a second chance and a new lease on life.

5) Big giant hug out from Trev of the blue when doing laundry today. Just because.

6) In general, (today, yes, but in general) being able to put a positive spin on an outlook I'd have seen more negatively in the past. I kind of wonder about this mindset process as a whole, actually. Did I always have this chip on my shoulder? Where did it come from? Was I always this barky and negative? Most importantly, could I have maybe had a chance to get out of the house, change my circumstances for what I wanted, and handled single motherhood and newlywed life thereafter with a lot better outlook overall (i.e. without the damned struggle to make it from one memorization problem to the next) if I had never gotten into an accident that left me hella disoriented with absolutely zero resources for brain injuries? Who knows. At least I'm noticing that those tendency is shifting and evolving. My language is changing. My perceptions are fuller. The constant pressure in my chest from fear and needless expectations is decreasing exponentially. Yes!

7) Phone call from my girls telling me they were home and chatting about their experiences with family in Seattle and in California.

8) FINALLY finding one of those advertised clothes shoppy things on Facebook that is a line of tops that I WOULD wear and could buy from.

9) Watching our favourite TV shows to relax on a Sunday night.

10) Ice cream runs.

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